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Wildtalk ASP Active Speech Processing

Aaron Ward
11 November 2017

ASP Active Speech Processing is a circuit developed by Wildtalk to enable virtually any headset Microphone to be used in high noise environments for clear speech to over 110dB.

Electret (Condenser) or Dynamic mics can be used, simple or noise cancelling. Mics from Peltor, Sordin.

  • Active speech processing dynamically adjusts the Mic and intercom performance to match ambient sound levels.
  • Mic gain is adjusted as background noise varies. More noise and the Mic becomes less sensitive.
  • Sounds above a preset level are compressed to prevent distortion and keep speech clear and intelligible.
  • The Mic is automatically muted when the user is not talking, this means only the users voice is heard over the intercom and ambient noise is silenced making the system quieter and pleasant to use.

ASP boards are power efficient and can be powered from many battery or line powered communications devices and ASP Board is small enough to be fitted inside many headsets and PTT’s.

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