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Making radios talk to each other.

05 January 2016

All decent quality radios, certainly all we have ever sold can be configured (Programmed) so that you can change their frequencies (and other settings). The reasons why you would want to do this are:

  • You are obliged to use your radios on the frequencies issued to you by OFCOM.
  • Your Licence Free radios are picking up other radios (probably because they are still on the factory settings.)
  • You have acquired some more second hand radios and they don't speak to your original radios. This can even be done with different makes.
  • You wish to activate some other setting such as VOX or Voice Annunciation.

Can any radio be configured this way?.
All good quality radios can be configured but to make two different radios (even makes) communicate they must have some common properties:

  • They must both be of the same type; Licensed or licence-free. (It is not possible to configure a licence-free radio to transmit on licensed frequencies and it contravenes OFCOM regulations to make a licensed radio talk on licence-free channels.
  • Both must be UHF or VHF. It is not possible to make a VHF radio talk to a UHF radios or vice versa.
  • Finally they must not be PIN locked. Some radio dealers Pin Lock radios to make it difficult for you to use another radio provider. Without the PIN the radios cannot be re-configured without returning them to the manufacturer.

How do I re-configure my radios.
If they are licence-free they can often be configured using some button presses and audio or visual feedback from the radio. Instructions for this are available with the radio documentation or we can supply them if you email us.

Licensed radios almost without exception and some Licence free radios will need special (Windows PC) software and programming cable. This can be quite costly and usually it is far more cost effective to send the radios to us for re-configuration.

What configurations are needed?
This depends what you are looking to do. To make radios talk to one another just two things, the frequency and the CTCSS tone must match on analogue radios. With licence-free radios you have 8 channels (frequencies) and at least 38 CTCSS tones to choose from.

If you wish to change any other settings or are using Licensed radios it would be wise to get a radio dealer to configure for you because choosing the wrong settings could easily contravene your OFCOM licence conditions. Email us for a quote.

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