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Wildtalk will Repair

05 January 2016

We repair most makes and models of radios even if you never bought them from us: This page explains pricing.

Two-way radios are unusual in that they are one of the few items of electronics that are still built to last and in most cases are economical to fully repair. There are exceptions (see this article) but generally most of the big manufacturers provide spare parts (down to the smallest component) for years after they stop manufacturing the radio.

Two-way radios don't normally become outdated either. Radios manufactured today will happily talk to a radio made twenty years ago. Radios have got smaller and they now do more such as Signalling  and have Digital capabilities which are not usually backward compatible but the basic analogue push-to-talk voice radio functionality is.

Because spare parts are available it enables companies like Wildtalk to offer a repair service. In fact we will always recommend that you buy radios that can be repaired because in the long life of a radio (10+ years) repairable radios are far more cost effective than the slightly cheaper throw-away radios.

Makes of radio that generally can be repaired:
Kenwood, Icom, Motorola (with exceptions), HYT, Hytera, Kirisun, Maxon, Tait, Vertex.

Self repairs.
If you are the sort of person who likes nothing better than dismantling things (to see how they work) and wielding a hot (but fine-tipped) soldering iron we will happily supply you with spares and email support. Just get in touch.

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