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Wireless PTT for Bike-to-Bike

01 September 2015

Existing wired and wireless intercom bike solutions such as Autcom and Sena offer many nice facilities and interconnection options but sometimes it is better to Keep it Simple Stupid (KISS)

Wildtalk have developed a KISS solutions for Bike-to-Bike comms in particular users such as National Escort Group riders who need simple fast bike-to-bike-to-Commissaire links.

The Wireless PTT system is a body worn radio system with wireless handlebar transmit button.

  • No Bike Wiring. Transferable from bike-to-bike.
  • Wireless Handlebar PTT. Weatherproof with lifetime battery.
  • Uses your preferred or existing helmet system. (Headsets are optional)
  • Radio stays with the rider even off the bike. Radio is body worn.
  • No charging required. No batteries. Radio Powered.

How It Works
The WPTT Wireless PTT system comprises of three parts:

1. The Helmet headset or Earpiece. We list three choices on the website, from a simple low cost helmet kit through to a superb helmet kit based on a Custom Earmould design. However if you already have a favourite helmet kit we can probably adapt it to work with the WPTT system. The Helmet Mic plugs into the WPTT speaker-Mic.

2. The WPTT speaker-Mic. This is like any stand alone Speaker-Mic with speaker, Mic and transmit button, in fact it functions as a standard speaker mic if you walk away from the bike. However it also has contains a wireless receiver to pick up the transmit commands from the handlebar mounted button. The wireless receiver is powered from the radio and for this reason only works with Kenwood's radios (Kenwood Funkey excepted).

3. The handlebar mounted PTT button is attached using velcro. There is no wiring and it has an internal sealed for life battery.

Pressing the handlebar button causes the radio to transmit your voice via the helmet kit. (You can also press the WPTT button or radio PTT).

Incoming audio is heard through the helmet kit (if connected) or through the WPTT speaker-mic if the helmet is unplugged.

If the radio gets stuck in transmit mode please read this.

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