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Wireless PTT 'Stuck Mic' Solution

01 September 2015

Radio sometimes gets stuck in transmit mode when using the wireless PTT system.


To enable the handlebar Wireless PTT button to be fully waterproof the manufacturers have sealed the battery inside the unit 'for life', in other words the battery cannot be replaced.

To achieve long battery life from the PTT the PTT only sends a brief signal or data burst to the receiver in the WPTT speaker Mic when the PTT button is depressed this data burst says ' Start Transmit'. The radio then stays in transmit mode until a second short data burst 'Stop Transmit' is sent when the PTT button is released.

So whether transmitting for only a second or transmitting for a couple of minutes holding the button down only sends two short 'Start' and 'Stop' data bursts. One at the beginning and the other at the end of transmission thereby saving battery power. The PTT does not transmit all the time the button is pressed. This saves a lot of battery power.

Understanding how this system works you can see that if the 'Stop Transmit' message is not received then the radio continues to transmit after the button is released. This missed message could be caused by either the PTT moving out of range of the Speaker Mic  or some random radio interference preventing the receiver 'hearing' the signal.

Solution 1.
Ensure the wireless PTT and Speaker Mic are within in 1m of one another.

Ensure there is no external radio interference. Old machines and vehicles are prone to generating radio interference. Move away from these items before using the wireless PTT.

If this fails to work or is impractical then try solution 2.

Solutions 2.
All radios have a Stuck Mic or Time out Timer 'TOT' to prevent stuck transmit buttons (PTT) causing a radio to transmit indefinitely and thereby jamming or blocking other users from using the radio system.

Setting this TOT timer to the shortest practical duration, for instance 15 seconds, will mean the radio will cut transmission after this time has expired. Additionally the radio emits a continuous warning tone to the user while the PTT is 'Stuck'.

Clearing the Stuck PTT and warning tone. This is easily done by a brief press of the Wireless PTT. (The radio does not need to be touched.)

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