SRC Type 4 Covert Inductive Loop Harness

Part Number: X-SRC-V4-QX

Typical Applications

  • Film, TV, Theatre
  • Security & Defence
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Key Features

  • Highest Quality UK made.
  • Minimum Number of Cables.
  • Available to fit virtually any Radio.
  • Service Spare Parts Available.
  • A three wire earpiece without the three wires.

A superb and unique UK made covert inductive loop harness with Mic and PTT to suit most radios. This kit is available in several configurations all fitted with our QX Quick Exchange plug system so you can use it with many different makes of radio.

You can find the full range of QX modular adaptors here.

The neck loop contains the integral electronics and a Microphone. From this is a cable to the PTT.

Inductive loop.
The inductive loop will work with any standard induction earpiece or hearing aid set to T setting.

The inductive loop is made from very flexible cable making it easier to hide under lightweight clothing.

Microphone with PTT
On a long cable from the neckloop allows the Mic and PTT to be worn on the collar or threaded down a sleeve so the user can talk into their hand.

Secondary PTT
The second PTT can be used as-well-as or instead-of the Mic PTT. This PTT can be threaded down a sleeve of into a pocket of your 5:11 trousers. It can be disconnected when not needed.

NOTE. To connect this to your radio you will ALSO need to order one of the QX adaptors listed under the Accessories & Spares Tab


Applications / Other Information

  • Fully Covert Applications.
  • Front of Camera.

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