• Prevents wear to the fragile radio earpiece sockets from headsets and earpieces that a frequently connected and disconnected. This reduces ongoing maintenance and repair costs.
  • Allows shift sharing of radios when using personal issue headsets or earpieces. Three shifts, one radio, three batteries and one headset per user.
  • One earpiece can be used with many makes of radio. Ideal for Security Contractors.

QX Quick Exchange system
Saves you money and time and prevents earpiece socket wear. The adaptor stays attached to the radio so you can quickly attach any QX Quick Exchange headset or earpiece.

  • Use one headset or earpiece with many different radios.
  • Quickly exchange headsets without wear-and-tear to the radio socket.
  • Saves the cost of expensive radio earpiece socket repairs.
  • Saves the cost of multiple headsets.