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Earpiece Care and Maintenance

Aaron Ward
01 May 2017
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Using your Earpiece.

Turn down the volume before using the earpiece, then adjust the volume to a safe and comfortable level using the the radio squelch control.

Using Microphones
The microphone should be near but not right in front of your mouth, this avoids 'popping' and breath noise. In windy conditions face downwind and shelter the microphone. Do not shout, speak S L O W L Y and CLEARLY.

Using the PTT ( Press To Talk switch)
Locate the switch within easy reach but so as to avoid accidental pressing.
Press-Pause-Speak. This is particularly important where the radios have battery saving features as they sometimes need ½ a second or more to respond to incoming signals.

General Care Tips
Keep cables and earpieces away from aftershave, perfumes, hair sprays and all grooming products. They contain chemicals which destroy earpiece parts. Avoid leaving earpieces in direct sun such as car parcel shelf or window ledges.
Do not wash cables, Mics or plugs. Ear-buds and foams can be cleaned with warm soapy water or washed in a net bag  or knotted sock in a washing machine. All other parts can be cleaned with a warm soapy water. If you think clean water has found its way into electronics, remove power/ batteries immediately and leave to GENTLY dry in a warm place for at least 24 hours. For other liquids including salt water rinse thoroughly in fresh water, however salt water is often fatal.

Acoustic Tube Earpiece Servicing
The acoustic tube earpiece is one of the most popular and versatile earpieces. It is also one of the most technically complex and requires some care to use and maintain.  All component parts are available as spares. Please visit

How the Acoustic Tube Earpiece Works
Your radio drives the Transducer (a small speaker) which moves a small amount of air in the tube. The tube is tightly sealed to your ear and in this way you hear your radio while blocking ambient noise to that ear.

Acoustic Tube Failure Modes
The common failures with acoustic tube earpieces in order are:

  • The Earpiece becoming blocked with earwax or condensation. Very Common. See Below.
  • The cable becoming partially unplugged from the transducer. Rare.
  • Cable Failure. Rare.
  • Transducer Failure. Very Rare.

Unblock the tube and earbud by blowing and then allow to dry overnight in a warm place to remove any condensation.

Water Damage to Radios
If you think clean water has found its way into electronics, remove power and batteries immediately and leave to GENTLY dry in a warm place for at least 48 hours with the battery removed.

For other liquids including drinks and salt water water, damage is usually fatal. As a last ditch method of salvage you could try flushing thorough with fresh water before drying.

Spares and Warranty
All parts are supplied with a 12 month warranty against faulty manufacture.. Warranty does NOT cover water damage by any liquid including drinks, chewing by animals or humans, snagged cables or crushing by vehicles, cooking in sunlight,  contact with aftershave, perfumes, hair sprays and all grooming products .

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