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Sidetone - What is it?

01 May 2016
Sidetone is the sound of your own voice that you hear from your headset or earpiece when making a call.

Sidetone is most commonly encountered on landline phones. Some of your own voice is fed back into your headset and gives you an indication that your Microphone is working, how loud you are speaking and that your call is connected.

Not all communications systems give headset sidetone and it is usually not an essential feature but it can be very useful because it gives on or more of the following information to the user;

  • That their Microphone is picking up their voice.
  • That their voice is loud enough (or sometimes too loud).
  • That their voice is opening a VOX circuit or Microphone Gating system.
  • That a call circuit to another users has been established.
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