With a Modular earpiece or headset you can be sure it will work with virtually any radio manufactured. This is because you can change the radio connector without changing the whole earpiece.

We currently stock two types of modular earpiece system. Our own QX (Quick Exchange) and McKay Claw.

McKay Claw
The radio connector on McKay accessories can be changed any time you use a different radio. These connectors are known as 'CLAWS' and are available with over 20 different plugs to fit hundreds of different radios.

QX Quick Exchange system
Saves you money and time and prevents earpiece socket wear. The adaptor stays attached to the radio so you can quickly attach any QX Quick Exchange headset or earpiece.

  • Use one headset or earpiece with many different radios.
  • Quickly exchange headsets without wear-and-tear to the radio socket.
  • Saves the cost of expensive radio earpiece socket repairs.
  • Saves the cost of multiple headsets.