GPI UHF Motorcycle Antenna

Part Number: ANT-PAN-HM-FME
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Motorcycle UHF Antenna Panorama HM
Motorcycle UHF Antenna
Motorcycle UHF Aerial
Motorcycle UHF Antenna Panorama HM
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GPI UHF Motorcycle Antenna
GPI UHF Motorcycle Antenna
GPI UHF Motorcycle Antenna
GPI UHF Motorcycle Antenna
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Key Features

  • Easy to fit.
  • With FME socket attached.
  • Ground-plane independent.
  • Fast removal of whip without tools.
  • Soft and flexible whip.
  • Easily fitted to any panel, plastic, metal and GRP

The Panorama Antenna HM is a GPI (ground-plane independent) antenna for UHF frequencies 438 to 472 Mhz. (Also available as low as 300mHz. Please email).

Ground-plane independent means it is probably the easiest antenna to fit. Its not fussy about what it is attached to. Plastic or metal panels or brackets.

It doesn't not need tuning, trimming or SWR testing and will work our of the box for the frequencies on the range above.

It doesn't not need a ground-plane, it can be fitted to any horizontal surface, non conducting or metalwork making it ideal for Motorcycles or mounting on other non-metallic structures.

This makes it ideal for Motorcycle installation or for Machine to Machine data communications.

Supplied fitted with an FME female plug so the cable can be threaded through a 9mm hole. You will need two further parts to connect to most handheld radios. An FME to BNC adaptor then a suitable BNC adaptor to suit your radio. Click the Accessories & Spares tab for these.]

For an antenna for fitting to Kenwood see this version:

If you need a rapid-disconnect version please order these three parts.

  1. The antenna
  2. BNC adaptor
  3. Kenwood adaptor  or Icom adaptor

Applications / Other Information

  • Frequency range 438-472Mhz
  • Overall height 34cm
  • Mounting Hole 14mm
  • Max panel thickness 6mm
  • Supplied with a fitted FME connector.
  • Cable hole for FME plug 8mm (unless otherwise requested).
  • Cable Diameter 4.8mm
  • Cable Length 3m (Can be supplied shorter. Please email).

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