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Four Simple Steps to Managing your Radios

09 February 2016

A well designed radio system is one of the biggest time saving and safety tools a business can have. When new, radios work so well that planning for long term maintenance is often forgotten. After a couple of years a single fault in one radio or one dud battery can often make it appear that the radio system has bigger faults than is the case.

These four simple steps will help prevent this happening, it will keep your radios in tip top condition allowing you to quickly identify and replace faulty radio and batteries as and when needed and to have radios serviced should they go faulty.

1. Mark each radio with an external unique mark so your staff can easily identify it. 1, 2, 3 etc. The radio will also have a serial number (behind the battery) for warranty purposes.

2. Mark each battery with a unique mark or ID. It should also have been supplied date coded so you can establish when it was bought and when it is out of warranty.

Just these two simple steps will enable you to identify any battery or radio that might show an intermittent fault.

3. Issue each radio and battery to a particular user. This encourages staff to take care of them and also to report a fault rather than grab another radio.

4. Make an inventory something like the table below. It will help you know what is where and with who, when it was repaired or serviced.

Google Sheets or Google Docs is an ideal way of logging this information because Sheets and Docs can be shared in real time with colleagues and can be shared with Wildtalk when you need service support.

We have created a free template here.






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