Marine Radio Gateway

Part Number: WIRE-GATEWAY-1

Typical Applications

  • Marine Industries
  • Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Power
  • Construction & Rail
  • Security & Defence
  • Fire, Search & Rescue
  • Farming, Forestry, Shooting
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Ic-M506 Icom intercom
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The Gateway Unit allows full Transmit and Receive audio from Wire Intercom to connected radio.
Incoming audio is heard by everyone using the Wire Intercom. Any user can transmit back over the radi using their personal PTT button. Second and third radios can be connected to Wire Intercom. Please contact us for pricing.

Please note that full transmit AND receive can only be achieved with the following radios:

  • Especially modified Icom Marine mounted radios.
  • Most handheld radios that have an accessor port.
  • Virtually all land mounted (Mobile) radios and handhelds.

We also have a lower cost receive-only marine radio Gateway which will connect to any mounted marine radio that has an external speaker connection, (most do). This unit will allow you to hear incoming radio traffic but to transmit a crew member will need to use the radio fist Mic in the conventional manner.

Wire is a wired intercom that can be adapted to high and low noise systems in a wide range of applications. Industrial, Search and Rescue, Military etc. Wire is a two part technology, a speech processor (ASP) and and intercom unit (MPL).

The Marine Radio Gateway will connect up to three two-way radios to the Wire intercom system. The one illustrated is the single radio version.

It will connect to virtually any radio that has audio In, Out and PTT ports such as most high-end handhelds and the Icom Marine VHF IC-M506 and most Mobile radios. It is fully galvanically isolated from the radio so interfacing is simple and interference free.

The unit powers from the intercom system and requires no external power. It is waterproof so can be fitted to open boats without any additional enclosures.

What is ‘Wire’

  • WIRE is a cable connected Intercom.
  • WIRE is supplied as either an ear defender headset or beltpack and headset.
  • WIRE uses ASP for clear speech up to 100dB and beyond.
  • The intercom is full-duplex. No button pressing, open-mic for all users (optional PTT version).
  • WIRE is hubless using Multiple Port Line (MPL) for simplicity and reliability.
  • There is no central controller or hub to fail.
  • All the technology is in the headsets or belt pack. Should a headset fail it can be swapped by the end user without technical skills or support.
  • Wire can be interfaced to two-way radios.
  • WIRE is not fussy about its cable, virtually any low cost cable can be used.
  • Wire is powered from anywhere along the cable. From battery, vehicle or mains.


  • Active speech processing dynamically adjusts the Mic and intercom performance to match ambient sound levels.
  • Mic gain is adjusted as background noise varies. More noise and the Mic becomes less sensitive.
  • Sounds above a preset level are compressed to prevent distortion and keep speech clear and intelligible.
  • The Mic is automatically muted when the user is not talking, this means only the users voice is heard over the intercom and ambient noise is silenced making the system quieter and pleasant to use.


  • Multi port line is just that, a single cable with as many headset ports (sockets) along its length that you require. The cable can be linear, star, loop or drop wired.
  • The MPL provides power and routes the intercom signal to each headset.
  • There is no Intercom controller or ‘Hub’. Wire is hubless with the only electronics being in each headset eliminating a single point of failure cause intercom failure.
  • Interference free. MPL is a low impedance, high level signal system resistant to interference even when using plain unshielded and untwisted cable.    


Applications / Other Information

Cost Effective

  • Fully Serviceable
  • All Parts available as spares
  • Tough and Robust
  • Designed for daily use in industry

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