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Kenwood 2 Pin Wiring Data

01 November 2015

Wildtalk Earpieces with this plug end with the part number -K

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This wiring plan is for Kenwood radios only. It does not necessarily apply to all the other makes of radios which have copied the Kenwood plug or even copy the Kenwood wiring scheme.

2.5mm Pin

Common Ground for Mic, Speaker and PTT

Can be Grounded when not in use for Programming.

Audio Out from the radio.


3.5mm Pin

Ground to Transmit

Standard Electret Mic input with radio providing phantom power to the Mic.

In some models this permanently connected Mic allows the radio to use the internal VOX system.

5V Power Take Off
Not connected on the Funkey.

Only a few milliamps are available on early models up to the TK3170. This is used to power the Kenwood VOX headset.

Most later models will provide heavier currents to allow powering of the DSP Mic or the GPS Microphone.

Radio Models
TK208 , TK220 , TK240 , TK240D , TK248 , TK250 , TK260 , TK260G , TK270 , TK272 , TK308 , TK320 , TK340 , TK348 , TK350 , TK353 , TK360 , TK361 , TK370 , TK2100 , TK2102 , TK2202 , TK2130 , TK2160 , TK2200 , TK2207 , TK3100 , TK3101 , TK3102 , TK3130 , TK3131 , TK3160 , TK3170 , TK3200 , TK3201 , TK3360, TK2360, TKD340,TKD240, NX320, NX320, TK3401D, TK3000, TK2000, TK3501. (Pro Talk XLS) , TH-22AT , TH-25 , TH-26 , TH-27A , TH-28A , TH-42AT , TH-45 , TH-55 , TH-75 ,

Kirisun 3208-S, PT558,



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