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McKay Bluetooth Pairing

01 January 1970

McKay (BTW)

Only works with radios that can power external devices.TK3360 or better.


  1. Dongle: Make sure it's plugged into the radio correctly. Hold down the on/pairing button while turning on the radio. Continue holding down until the LED flashes rapidly.

  2. PTT: Turn PTT ON while holding down the PTT button until PTT flashes rapidly (blinking twice in quick succession).

  3. LEDs will flash blue and red when successfully paired.

Depending upon the device that you are pairing, you may need to enter a PIN code. This can be found in the instruction manual, however here are some common unlock PINs that most devices use:


0000, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 0123, 1234


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