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Peltor WS Workstyle, WS5 Bluetooth Headset.

01 January 1970

Power ON-OFF

  • Press Centre button Right Cup


  • The headset can be paired with up to 4 phones.
  • Headset fully charged and Powered OFF.
  • Press and hold the Power ON for at least 5 seconds (Centre Button Right Cup).
  • Headset announces that it is in pairing mode.
  • Put the phone into pairing mode.
  • Phone eventually displays Peltor WS5.
  • Select and instruct the phone to pair. (if phone asks for password use 0000)

Headset Bluetooth Button (Left Cup)

  • Answering calls. Brief Press
  • Reject Calls. Long Press
  • Voice Dial. Brief Press
  • Redial. Long Press 2 seconds

Adjusting Call Volume

  • Press + OR - buttons on Right Cup

Adjusting the Active Cut-Off / Level Dependent Function

  • Press + OR - buttons on Right Cup
  • To adjust when in a call first briefly press the power button then + and - buttons.

Adjusting the Streamed Music Volume

  • Press + and - buttons on Right Cup
  • To adjust when in a call first briefly press the power button the + and -

Configuration Menu.

  • Press and hold + AND - buttons to access the following settings
  • Bass Boost, Music Limiter, Balance, EQ, External Input, Side Tone, Reset
  • Voice prompts provide guidance.
  • The supplied manual provides details of each function.

External or Internal Mic selection.

  • From the Configuration menu select 'External Input' and follow voice guidance.
  • From 'External input' select Microphone if using the boom Mic.
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