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Pairing Hytera HP Bluetooth equipped radios to Bluetooth Headsets and Wireless PTT

01 January 1970

Pairing the Hytera HP Bluetooth equipped radio to Bluetooth Headsets and Wireless PTT


  • The ADN02 Dongle will not work with the HP series radios even though it will fit the connector.
  • The ESW01 Earpiece that works with the ADN02 will pair to the HP radios and work correctly including the earpiece PTT button. You can charge the ESW01 with USB charger POA107
  • It seems the HP series radios that have Bluetooth functionality and will pair with other makes of Bluetooth Headset

Most Bluetooth headsets unless designed for two-way radio don't have a Transmit button (PTT). This means you need to use the Hytera POA121 wireless finger PTT.

Pressing the PTT button on the radio while a Bluetooth headset is connected only transmits audio from the radio Microphone not from the Headset Microphone so the POA121 is essential.


  • Check you have Bluetooth (BT) functionality available in your radio. The radio will have the model number HPXXX Xm GPS&BT printed on the serial number label.
  • You need to check that BT is available in the Menu. MENU>BT>AUTO SEARCH
  • Put the POA121 into pairing mode by switching it on with both + and - buttons held down until the LED is a steady blue.
    The radio will list available devices. Select PO121 and 'Connect'
  • Repeat the procedure for your Bluetooth headset. Pairting mode for headsets varies so check the user manual to find out how to put the headset into pairing mode.

Key Points.

  • You will always need to power up each Bluetooth devce in the following order for them to connect correctly. Radio - PTT - Headset
  • Pressing the PTT on the radio will not work correctly once a Headset is connected.
  • Both ESW01 and POA121 can be used together. Both PTT's work.
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